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At BradMartin Jewelry I specialize in hand fashioned chainmaille jewelry.

Chainmaille is the centuries old art of linking metal rings into usable items. The best known use was for armor during the Middle Ages; think King Arthur and his knights, they wore chainmaille armor in battle. While some chainmaille artists still make armor pieces for reenactments and the movies and theatre, most chainmaille work today is to make jewelry, intricate, beautiful jewelry in a wide variety of metals and frequently with beads and other embellishments.

I began making chainmaille jewelry sometime in 2011, as a change from several years of making beaded jewelry. The inspiration was my purchase of a Full Persian bracelet in fine silver at an arts festival in Arizona. I loved the bracelet, wore it constantly, and eventually decided to try making chainmaille. So I bought a book, and bought some rings and pliers and got to work. I was hooked in a few hours. Most of my chainmaille is self taught. There are lots of instructions and lots of kits available and I just kept trying more and more new stuff. This site is a catalog of all I've created over the last 5 years, and will include new pieces as they are finished.